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Long time no updating… but life has changed quite radically and there has been no time for anything but the absolute neccessary… the reason is called Alva Meja and she is soon 7 months …
November 20, 2011, 9:13 pm
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She has turned my world totally upside down and I am ridiculously happy and totally in love.

So to turn mind back to work has been difficult but when I finally managed with working towards the LOCWS International (Locws International is an artist led organisation that works with UK-based and international artists to create temporary visual arts projects for public and accessible spaces across the city of Swansea in south Wales, UK) commission during the summer it was quite exciting to get back into my own head again for a bit.  Exciting challenge and fantastic organisation to work with! The result was two installations/interventions; Sjung Sjöng Sjungit and Hemhörigheter at the National Waterfront Museum .
More about the Locws project and my work  there can be viewed here–> http://www.locwsinternational.com/

I have also been part of an exhibition in newcastle at the Globe Gallery, fastforward>>NCL showing new drawings. Check out http://www.globegallery.org/fastforward-exhibition-2011.php


A few pics from the Scintilla exhibition
March 12, 2011, 11:18 am
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From the opening of Scintilla, at CoExist Gallery in Southend Feb 26th.

Team Scintilla


My piece  ‘You Dreamt It. [Pause.] Time Passes. That Is All.’ in the foreground.


The doorway to the little gallery which hosted my piece “We Met Yesterday. [Silence.] Do You Not Remember.”


“[Pause. Calmer.] If We All Speak At Once We’ll Never Get Anywhere.”


There are interviews (video..) and more pics on the blogsite IDEA13 as well as on the CoExist gallery website.

Upcoming exhibition
February 11, 2011, 9:06 am
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CoExist are proud to present work by Laura Cherry and Helen Edling and new
works by Chloe Brooks in an exhibition curated by Nastassja Simensky.
Scintilla [sɪnˈtɪlə] a minute amount; hint, trace, or particle [from Latin: a spark]
Through playful interventions these artists create a ‘non place’, a meeting ground between the fictional
and what actually exists. There is a notion that we are being presented with a glimpse or fragment of reality, veiled only by the finest gauze of illusion. Viewers are invited to cultivate and engage with their own narratives, therefore entering into a dialogue within this dichotomy.

Balance act…
February 11, 2011, 9:01 am
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Preparing for the new exhibition Scintilla in Southend I have quite a bit of work to do, am enjoying doing it very much- however it has been made very hard by the climat in my studio which in the afternoon reaches tropical temperatures and since the studio has no windows there is no chance for opening windows to get some fresh air in. This combined with me having quite an increased bodytemperature due to being 7 months pregnant does not make working in there very pleasant.. (this with the studio temperatures is a saga of an ongoing struggle in trying to make the studio landlords -the council- do something about it, either provide a studio alternative or get the temperatures fixed… nothing has happened so far) ANYWAY, the crux of the matter right now is to try and balance it all without feeling stressed and upset about the feeeling of catch 22- I cannot work properly in studio- I cannot move all my studio to home now, but have work in studio to be done for the preview of the exhibition… in reality the work will be done, I have luckily  for once started in good time and do not have to do the last minute panic thing that I normally do. I just had to get it all out and whine for a bit about my studio. There is something weirdly ironic about it all- I have never before heard of studios being too hot- have got used to the idea that a studio almost by rule is freezing cold..

I am trying to do my pregnancy-yoga excercises as much as I can as a good girl and it helps clearing head and body and making me feeling better about the whole thing and to remember that generally my life is just very very good right now with baby kicking, getting closer to the due date and having this lovely exhibition to do work for and looking forward to installing!

So, now venturing  into the depths of the wardrobe to dig out some summerclothes that might fit me and off to the studio (sauna)!

In hindsight..
December 27, 2010, 10:47 am
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Being in the middle of all the Christmas snow in Sweden and the between 10 and 20 minus I am  going through my pics and thoughts about my residency in Barcelona. Realised how much it gave me to be all by myself distanced from my studiowork and my ordinary surroundings to gain some distance and to try and plan upcoming work. The lasting impression and the perhaps new ‘influence’ would be all the patterns everywhere;  the housefacades with amazing decorations, all the mosaic, and patterened tiles. After a few days there my days turned into pattern hunts more than anything else, even if I did squeeze in some museums and a little bit of art watching as well as of course some nice studio time accompanied by the lovely little  Pitchi.

Pitchi being a bit frozen in her pink little jumper cuddling by the radiator in my studio

This residency, as arranged by Carlota Perla, is just the perfect little place to go and get some intense working time, it is totally self guided and for me have just worked absolutely brilliantly! I can wholeheartedly recommend it! Have a look at http://perla337.com/. There is also a interview with me on their blog.

Carlota in her studio which is in the same building as the residency studio.

Me in my studio in the afternoon sun working and me trying to pose for the camera.

and some patterned eyecandy from around town-

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